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I’m returning to writing more, and more long-form.  I love being witty and bantering short-form on Twitter as @trochee, and I don’t expect this to stop.  I’m just putting a lot of work into this site over the next few … Continue reading

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Defended against criticism and immune to praise

Sometimes reading the comments can be illuminating to the psychology of coders. The comments on this wonderful post on assumptions about names are a case in point. Confronted with a long list of assumptions, about a third of the commenters … Continue reading

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CDH3 on Ubuntu Precise Pangolin

I find myself typing the most absurd search strings (they read like lexical Tourette’s or XKCD passwords): pseudocluster ubuntu precise pangolin cloudera cdh3 I spent a while getting my new laptop set up with a Cloudera CDH3 Hadoop pseudo-distributed cluster.  But … Continue reading

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“Bank heist” collaboration pattern

Here’s my favorite collaboration pattern so far: the Bank Heist collaboration pattern. This pattern, which we know from The A-Team, Ocean’s 11 and Leverage, among others, shares many properties with an excellent developer team: You don’t have to like following orders to be on the team. … Continue reading

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Dolphins are nifty — but not magical

I saw this, and thought others would find it interesting too. … said one of the phoneticians at my alma mater. It’s a collection of rather fantastic claims about “dolphin language”, mixed with breathless praise for their affirming-the-consequent “Aqua Thought … Continue reading

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order word constant information does have?

I’ve been reading — in my “copious free time”, as they say: Montemurro MA, Zanette DH, 2011 “Universal Entropy of Word Ordering Across Linguistic Families.” PLoS ONE 6(5): e19875. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0019875 This article takes on some of the really nifty ideas of information theory, and … Continue reading

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