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Apropos of software engineering for scientists, I had the opportunity to be a reviewer for C. Titus Brown‘s JOSS publication of sourmash, is a pretty cool Python library around some very fast C code for computing (and comparing) MinHash sketches … Continue reading

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Visualization libraries in Jupyter, Python, & R

I’ve become a near-rabid fan of the Jupyter data analysis environment (hello Scott!), and I am deeply impressed by the work that Continuum¬†(and some of my former colleagues at Google) have put into supporting it. ¬†(I share some of these … Continue reading

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Rolling the dice at the Just World Casino

tl;dr: The tech frame of “lean startup”, venture capital funding, “exit strategies”, and relentless “valuation” talk is fundamentally anti-human for nearly all of us. [ETA (immediately after publication):] Startup idea: They are treated like bees; they are robbed of the … Continue reading

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