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So this happened: I said this over on Twitter, but it’s too good not to record again here: The alt-text suggests that Munroe’s EM draws Gods from a normal distribution. (A¬†Gaussian!) (did you know there’s an entire website dedicated to … Continue reading

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Chomsky and “walks like a duck” empiricism

Replicated Typo and @jasonbaldridge inter alia have been discussing a recent forum where Chomsky and Minsky and Labov (among others) met to discuss the past and future of artificial intelligence. Replicated Typo points out the most interesting contribution from Chomsky: … Continue reading

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sentence fragments will not save us

Thomas Baekdal’s post on using passphrases (from 2007) came up again two weeks back. In that post, Baekdal maintained the following thesis (I paraphrase): Passphrases are better than passwords, because they are easier to remember and (because they are longer) … Continue reading

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