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I am either a terrible father or a best father. Mr. 3 asked me to tell him a story about Darth Vader as we brushed teeth tonight, so I told him about how Anakin was separated from the Skywalker knife … Continue reading

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I’m looking for work

I am currently without employment, and I’m looking to see what’s next for me. I am excited about human language, computers, and machine learning, and I’m pretty good at all three and their areas of overlap. I am happiest tinkering in the … Continue reading

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November surprises

Two weeks I saw Argo [highly recommended!] and that made me remember the 1980 October Surprise controversies, which were hecka confusing to a five-year-old at the time.  I have my own November — or possibly early December — surprise coming: I’m about to become a … Continue reading

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Mostly harmless

I got to go out with three computationally-sharp alums of my linguistics department last night. I’m proud to be friends with all of them, and it’s nice to know there are reasons we all have the same “ancestry” — we have, … Continue reading

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Where’s Jeremy?

Content has been sparse here. I’ve been preoccupied with events out in the Big Room: I’ve taken on the role of Senior Computational Linguist at Quid, and my wife Dorothy and I are moving to Seattle. I’ll be returning to … Continue reading

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