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Greater data science, part 1: the discipline

This is part of an open-ended series of marginalia┬áto Donoho’s 50 Years of Data Science 2015 paper. Donoho compares “data science” (or “data analysis”, a term he inherits from John Tukey) to statistics in terms of three foundational conditions, quoting … Continue reading

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As random as I oughta be

From John D. Cook‘s Probability Facts twitter feed, discovered the infamous┬áRANDU, and this absolutely marvelous quote: One of us recalls producing a “random” plot with only 11 planes, and being told by his computer center’s programming consultant that he had … Continue reading

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pair programming

I discovered last week that Java does not have a Pair<X,Y> generic class because of Reasons. That’s annoying, but surprising to me. Scala, for example, supports heterogeneous typed tuples (including a 2-tuple, of course), and of course my beloved Python … Continue reading

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