I’m looking for work

I am currently without employment, and I’m looking to see what’s next for me. I am excited about human language, computers, and machine learning, and I’m pretty good at all three and their areas of overlap.

I am happiest tinkering in the “Bayesian” and “Deep” corners of the Eisner Simplex, but can keep my head above water just fine in the “Classical” corner.

Get at me with:

  • linguistics and pragmatics of human interaction, especially when engaged with machines, e.g.:
    • dialogue systems
    • pragmatic inference
    • understanding “meaning” in text
    • text generation
    • integrating knowledge of the world with expectations about behavior
    • cultivating and curating social behavior in machines and people
  • computational mathematics and statistics, especially in the interest of social good
    • “open data”, sunshine laws
    • open data extraction, translation and loading (ETL, aka “the hard part”)
    • applying machine learning and statistical analysis to the data above
  • whatever you think is interesting about your work
    • what challenges you
    • where it crosses disciplines
    • why it’s worth doing

Words that make me enthusiastic about your office: curious, insight, compassionate, committed, teamwork.

Words and phrases that will turn me off in your ad: “work hard and play hard”, “obsessed”, “driven”, “impact”, “unicorn”, “synergy”.

I am firmly restricted to the Greater Seattle area.

Potential employers who want me to move to the Bay Area: have you considered opening a Seattle office? I can put you in touch with some very nice people, and there’s a lot of office space right on the C Line.

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