Looking for work, 2012 edition

A short note (implied by my updates on Twitter), just to say: I was laid off last week from my previous employment in an abrupt downsizing — a company pivot, evidently away from the work I like to do.  I’m looking for work now.  Below the jump: what I’m looking for.

I’m good at at least three things, derived from 14+ years working at the intersection of software and linguistics:

  • Natural language processing — I am fluent with the tools and practices used to automatically infer structured, machine-consumable information from the noisiness and surprises of natural language, whether written or derived from speech.
  • Machine learning and statistical methods — I do not fear the occasional outlier, and I am well equipped to put concrete bounds on what occasional means. I work with real data, and I prefer to have concrete evaluation measures; when necessary, I will implement my own.
  • Software engineering and aesthetics — I am good at software design, and I enjoy the puzzle of building research infrastructure: how do you build a boat to sail where no one has sailed before? I understand not only the tools of NLP and machine-learning, but how to structure (and restructure) shared architectures so that engineers and scientists can cooperate smoothly.

I’ve been working on all three of these since about 1998; my PhD is –effectively– in all three. I’ve started interviewing around the Puget Sound area — but of course I’d welcome any other local leads.


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