Twitterlog for the week of 2011-12-18

  • "The Rise of Developeronomics" is creepy as hell. Reads like "The Mount" or "To Serve Man" via @wordie #IAmNotATrophy #
  • This short film introduced me to the AI Box experiment. Reminiscent of Haldeman's Forever Peace (via J Noguchi) #
  • En route to San Francisco, after the no-backscatter-please patdown. #
  • They gave me the pillow room again. #
  • It seems emblematic of this day, how I just (cheerfully!) adjusted the toilet chain length in this hotel's bathroom. Find bug. Fix. Repeat. #
  • George Takei is once again my hero. This is fantastic and I love how happy he is to be who he is. #
  • Notice: bench is broken/Not to be used for the Meantime/Engineer #
  • On the plane back to SEA. Great hacking week in SFO. Glad to be headed home though. #
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