Twitterlog for the week of 2011-05-15

  • First day on site at a new (old) job! Already talking about parallelization, machine learning, linguist/engineer contact, and more. #
  • For the p.m. crowd (a.m. in Europe): New Trochaism: Chomsky and "walks like a duck" empiricism #
  • GET reports on Kenobi covert action, via @stevesilberman : ("Too soon?" he says) nails it. the comments are great too. #
  • Most unconvincing opinion lede ever: "Some people may think me a total whack job, but…" [pundilollitry via @nocombat] #
  • anybody running bay to breakers and want to run with me? (see prev tweet) #
  • small doomed world: Jenkins (awful Left Behind books) wrote for Gil Thorp (awful daily sports comic) attn: @jfruh: #
  • Was followed by commercial tweeter advertising "best shaved ice in Utah"; can't decide if that's a euphemism. Also, i'm nowhere near Utah. #
  • Huh; I wonder if the Masters of Evil are called that because Baron Zemo was insecure about his ABD. #
  • Claude Shannon is so fierce that a noisy channel settles down when he just LOOKS AT IT HARD. #ClaudeShannonIsMyChuckNorris #
  • Bloggers: What do you call people who leave a flattering (tho vague) comment on yr blog in attempt to get links back to their (spam?) site? #
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