Bay to Breakers, followup

I bicycled to the Embarcadero early this morning to the start of the Bay to Breakers, and ran it (on foot, taking Muni back to the Embarcadero after) in a personal record time of 1:04:47 (last year: 1:14:04).  According to the RFID timer reports on the race website, that’s:

  • an 8:42 mile pace;
  • 93rd percentile overall;
  • 88th percentile among men;
  • 86th percentile among men 30-39.

I’m pretty happy with that, especially since I didn’t train! I finished in less than double the time of the winner (34:26! under 5-minute-miles for 7.2 miles!).

On the other hand, I didn’t quite meet my previously stated goals: I’m pretty sure I beat the visibly drunk people, but there were teams of very fast, very naked people well out in front of me. The corporate photo sponsors must be busily blurring out dangly bits.  I am sorry I didn’t get to run with friends, but I think I might have been faster for not being chatty or concerned about staying together.

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