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Twitterlog for the week of 2011-04-24

RT @cmunell: "I think "Battle of Yavin" is a #MilitaryConflict (" well, it was definitely asymmetric #ewoktaliban # Rt @amandapalmer: "spent 20 min…sorting 4 writing-utensil-orphanage-jars…; I <3 these categories. Custom ontology FTW! # you *know* [w]rap is played out: … Continue reading

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Tickets to Embassytown (Miéville)

Annalee Newitz at IO9 has a review of China Miéville’s next upcoming novel, called Embassytown. I want to read this, for the SF and for the linguistic, although I am afraid I’m likely to struggle with suspending disbelief, as I … Continue reading

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I’m interested in the International Quantitative Linguistics Association, but they seem fully-embedded in central Europe, and — unlike the Association for Computational Linguistics — they seem to have very few publications available outside a paywall. Anyone have any experience with … Continue reading

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I’m learning about WordPress’s “asides”, which seem to be intermediate in design and size between a tweet and a full-on blog-post.

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Hello world!

This page is, sadly, under construction, as I assemble my selves across the internet. In the meantime, please go see my profiles elsewhere.

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